Dosing Silo Breaker


DDS400 y ZCD400 Breaker

DDS400 and ZCD400 dosing breakers are a mechanical silo unloading system that allow precise dosing of pulverulent solids. The breakers are adaptable to new or existing silos. The dispenser allows powdered product transportation to the dosing point. A breaker can be equipped with several rigid or flexible dispensers depending on the needs of each client.

The breaker and doser coalition in a single compact equipment give the system a greater watertightness. In addition, there is no need to incorporate air injection or vibration limit possible product leaks.


DDS400 and ZCD400 breakers are used in various environmental and industrial applications such as: sludge stabilization, lime slurry preparation, active carbon blend, calcium carbonate dosage and more.

The main element of the DDS400 and ZCD 400 breakers is the flexible blade turbine. While the turbine of DDS400 rotates inside the cone, the turbine blades prevent the formation of vaults, allowing a regular and continuous flow through the outlet flange. The rigid lower arms, mounted on the same axis as the flexible blades, have the function of filling the product endless, allowing a precise volumetric.

Among the many equipments that can be adapted to the breaker we have: vertical / horizontal conveyors, injectors for humid environments, mixers (MBV), tanks of preparation of different volumes and others.

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Easy mounting using standard size flanges according to PN10 or other standards.
Accurate, adaptable and continuous product extraction and feeding.
Energy Efficiency: Low power gear transmissions.
Possibility to implement double feeds (with independent operation).
Downstream equipment easily adaptable (conveyors, sludge mixers, moisture insulation injectors, etc.).
Volumetric mechanical extraction of any material, without pollution or density variations.
Easy and flexible assembly: 360 ° rotation, adjustable length, rigid or flexible augers.
Manufacturing finishes according to product needs (painted steel, stainless steel, etc.).
Fixed or variable flow depending on the need for product consumption.

Optional accesories

Rotation detector of auger.
Insulation register with steering wheel or tire.
Product presence detection at dispenser outlet.
Weighing system (weight loss / regulation).
Certification for Atex22 and 21 zones.

Implementation Examples