SKID platform "turnkey"


SKID platform “turnkey”

Sodimate Skid platforms are one of the most demanded solutions. Designed to minimize the work of installing the equipment on site, it allows the transport of fully installed equipment.

This equipment consists of a rectangular flat platform of different materials and length, on which the mechanical and electrical equipment will be installed, including the electric panel, leaving a set ready for operation.

We have different types of skids like:

Skid preparation and pumping. This set consists of one or two tub, pumps and electric box. It is usually installed with a silo and sodimate dosing system, which due to its dimensions can not be installed on the platform.

Skid dosing, preparation and pumping consisting of Big bag emptying stand or empty hopper bags, ZFP500 sodimate dispenser, tub, pumps and electric box, constituting a complete system of dosing, preparation and pumping.

Skid for filling silos by emptying big bags or bags. Designed for installations where consumption leads us to install a silo but do not have a product supply by tanker truck. It allows us to receive the product in sacks or big bags and through a pneumatic system silo’s load.


Skid dimensions optimized for container transport.
Minimum installation work.
No specific civil works are required.

Implementation Examples