Preparation tank


One of the most common applications of Sodimate’s facilities is suspensions’ preparation and dilutions of powdered products such as calcium hydroxide, activated charcoal, potassium permanganate, sodium bisulfite, and the suspension or dilution of any powder product in general .


The preparation vats, made of HDPE, polypropylene, carbon steel or stainless steel, incorporate the agitator, the water supply regulating table with rotameter, the necessary valves, level control, overflow, emptying, and pumping out. To improve the final mixing, the preparation vats are equipped with anti-vortex blades, indispensable for a homogenous suspension.

Thanks to the dust collection system we can manufacture watertight vats and direct the dust output to a fireplace with shower allowing the air to escape without dragging dust.

In standard they are available in a range from 500 to 5 000 liters. With the purpose of obtaining a suspension specially adapted to the needs of each project, the vats are supplied with the specific adjustments of each project (mixing speed, volume concentration …).

In the case of a lime slurry preparation, the following factors are considered:

  • Homogenization of lime solution
  • Dust humidification
  • The quality of the mixture generated by the speed of the agitator


Customized implementation according to the needs of each project.
The tank volume is dimensioned according to customer needs (pump flow and concentration of the solution) and the pump mode of the application.
Reduced maintenance.


Manufacture in different materials according to the product (PP, PEHD, Steel, INOX).
Sodimix (Specific injection system for activated carbon).
Chimney Vent with spray nozzle.

Implementation Examples