CS -Conveyor


CS Conveyor

In dehydrated sludge treatment by filter band, centrifuge or filter press, lime addiction and transport to a storage area (storage silo, container, etc …) is necessary for recycling.

That is why Sodimate, in addition to its solutions of extraction and dosing of quicklime and blended by its MBV, designs mud handling and transport system with axleless augers.

The design of the CS series conveyor offers a complete adaptability of its characteristics thanks to numerous options.


The use of auger without shaft facilitates the delivery of sticky mud by nature and avoids the use of bearings.

The spire rests on a wear coating to protect the crib of Inox and thus increase the useful life of the auger.

Several cascade conveyors allow complete implementations (transport, elevations, falls …) in order to transport dehydrated sludge from the dehydration facilities to the storage area.


Auger made to measure and supplied completely.
Complete integration of auger into a complete process.
Watertight operation.
Rotor without welds.
Robust construction.
Anti-wear coating adapted to the product.
High strength spiral.

Optional Accessories

Tail length and tilt.
Motorized or manual pivot.
Multiple downloads with pneumatic or motorized valves.
Possibility of vertical lifting.

Implementation Examples