Big Bag or Hopper Low Breaker


Dosing breaker ZFP500

The ZFP500 dosing breaker has similar characteristics to the DDS400 and ZCD400. The main difference of this breaker is in the possibility of installing it under all types of flat bottom hoppers and Big-Bag unloaders.

The use of the ZFP500 is mainly based on placing the breaker under medium volume hoppers (from 50 to 3000 liters), allowing to adapt a doser according to the implementation needs of each project.


The main element of the ZFP500 breaker is the turboprop crawler. This turbine is coupled to a geared motor in the hopper cone. The flexible blade assembly prevents the formation of vaults, ensuring continuous product discharge and dosing.

Attached to the turbine, the rigid arms of the breaker allows the filling of the auger with product continuously, obtaining a precise dosage according to the need.

The ZFP500 is a compact and watertight device that allows maximum limitation of product emissions to the exterior.

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Continuous extraction and precise dosing.
Low motor power installed.
Easy adaptation of additional modules.
Mechanical extraction without compaction or product contamination.
Easy implementation: crazy flange, adjustable length, flexible or rigid dosing.


Material: PP, PEHD, painted steel or stainless steel.
Fixed or variable flow.
Single or double dispenser (rigid or flexible).
Multiple extraction diameters.


Rotation detector.
Presence product detection at the dispenser outlet.
Weighing system (weight loss / regulation).
Dust extraction and filtration system.
Aspiration hood.

Implementation Examples