Big Bags Discharger Stand


Sodimate Big Bag unloading stands allow automatic and complete emptying of the product, stored in flexible containers, without compacting.

The big bag is loaded with a transom driven by a forklift truck or a hoist (standard version), or with the monorail hoist integrated into the stand (self-loading version). The big bag rests on the vibrating circular working table controlled by a product presence detector installed in the receiving hopper. The circular vibrating table only activates in case of lack of product, to avoid big bag compaction.

Thanks to the circular vibrating table action the receiving hopper and the dispenser are permanently fed.

They are also equipped with the ZFP500 dosing diaphragm breaker, which allows both the reagent to be discharged, an accurate and continuous dosing.

There are different models depending on each implementation and need of our clients:
Stand type “H”, Stand type “K” and Stand type “T”.


Adaptable to different volumes Big Bags.
Compact assembly, easy to assemble.
Optimum product tightness.
Direct dosing.
Integral product emptying, allowing to dose different products.