SODIMIX: Active charcoal disperser for suspension preparation.

In order to supply active coal slurry preparation plants which perform a homogeneous and dust-free mix, SODIMATE has developed the SODIMIX predilution and dispersion system as a complement to our preparation vats.


The device consists of a vertical pipe in which a double-helix agitator is installed, which forces the predilution of the coal avoiding the formation of dust. The main water inlet feeds the preparation tank creating a venturi effect that draws the coal dust contained in the pipe where the coal is injected. The dust-laden air is then passed through a washable water filter. At the end of the brewing cycle, the filter is backwashed with clean water to maintain its effectiveness.

SODIMIX is mainly used as a supplement to an active carbon slurry preparation tank for pesticide and nitrate removal applications in potable water. It can also be used in smoke treatment to support a dioxin and furan capture system.


Low height standard silo flange.
Adaptable to existing deposits.
Active carbon powder up to 500 l / h.
Possible mounting in existing tanks.

Implementation Examples