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Silos are the most common solution for storing bulk products, such as calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide or activated charcoal.
Among all types of silos, the vertical cylindrical silo with conical bottom is the most common for these applications, mounted on a supporting structure. Silos are made to measure each project considering environmental conditions, the product to be stored and the client’s specific needs.
We have different materials and finishes as: carbon steel, stainless and polyester.
We have a wide range of volumes available, ranging from 8 to 200 m3, in different diameters and heights, manufactured in one piece to facilitate transportation and deployment.
Our silos are equipped with the necessary elements for a correct and safe use of the installation, such as: access ladder to the roof of the silo with protection cage and platform of rest, perimeter railing with skirting on top, filter of sleeves, overpressure-depression valve, cut-off valve in the charging tube. They are also equipped with level detectors and watertight manhole quick opening for visual inspection.
According to the product and customer’s needs, we equip the silo with a weighing system that allows us to visualize the remaining product at all times and helps control the hourly consumption.


Large volume of stock in a small space.
Clean storage.