ID Injector


Product injection system

The ID injector is used to ensure product introduction into a mixer (MBV) or a preparation tank. Its design and its mechanical resistance allows it to work in humid environments. The horizontal position of this auger avoids the gravitational load of the product in a conduit that is usually closed in the short term.


The injector is composed of an intake port that receives the product dosed and a turn that transports the product to the point of injection.

The motor power and the wind section are oversized to overcome the stresses created by the presence of moisture.

If moisture gets to fill the injector, the gearmotor of greater torque, will be able to push the product and thus avoid stopping the process. The larger diameter discharge mouth mounted together with the injector allows small product clogs to form as a result of the moisture inside the tank, whereby it will be more difficult to clog because the discharge port is of a higher diameter. Finally, at the discharge nozzle of the injector, a clogging detector is housed which in case of detecting product clogging, stops the installation for safety.


Protects the dispenser during operation and during maintenance shutdowns.
It eliminates preventive cleanings, giving greater security to the equipment.
Facilitates implantation.
Facilitates flow intake.
Quick disassembly.
High fidelity for dosing auger.


Stainless steel 304/316 construction.
Adaptation to new or existing systems.


Rotation detector.
Injector housing.

Implementation Examples