Handling Powdered Products Specialists


For over 40 years, Sodimate has supplied bulk handling equipment and systems for a vast array of clients. We provide a wide range of equipment from conventional flexible screw feeders to completely automated bulk storage silos, discharge and feed systems.

With over 5500 successful installations throughout our worldwide subsidiaries and representative networks, we have enhanced numerous applications and industries.

Combustion gas treatment, power generation and steel industries

• Flue gas desulphurization, dry and semi-dry sorbent injection
• Heavy metal pollutant control (mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium, etc.)
• Soda ash flue gas cleaning
• Trona storage, feed and injection systems
• Powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection systems for Mercury removal
• Biomass Storage and feed systems


• Soil Remediation
• Water stream pH adjustment
• Onsite lime slaking units

Water &
Wastewater Treatment

• pH adjustment, water filtration, water softening
• Wastewater treatment, sludge stabilization, sludge dewatering systems,
polymer units, quicklime slaking systems

Plastics and Molding

• Plastic pellet storage and conveying
• Dry chemical addition
• Plastics recycling

Food Processing
& Agriculture

• Wheat storage silos
• Corn & potato starch discharge and
conveying systems


• Cement storage, discharge & feed systems

Pulp & Paper

• CMC & Starch handling

Main Equipment Supplied

Silo Unloaders
Bin Activators
Bin Dischargers
Big Bag Unloaders
Super Sack Stations
Storage Silos
Screw Feeders
Rigid and Flexible Screw Conveyors
Lime Slurry Tanks
PAC Slurry Tanks
Lime Slakers
Sludge Conveyors
Sludge Mixers

Samples of Chemicals Handled

Hydrated lime
Pebble lime
Powdered Activated Carbon – PAC
Soda Ash
Potato starch
Plastic pellets
Chemical slurries