Active Coal Water Treatment

Sodimate dosing systems are installed in different treatment processes of potable water and desalination or residual.

Drinking water at the entrance of a treatment station (ETAP) has a lot of contaminants that must be eliminated as pesticides, nitrates, detergents, etc …

By a suspension of active carbon pumped at the beginning of the process, it is possible to pick up pollutants. The porous surface of the activated carbon particles capture the different contaminants being eliminated in the different stages of ETAP filtration and decantation.

As with other Sodimate preparation systems, we will carry out a continuous preparation of a slurry of activated charcoal by means of our storage, dosing and preparation systems. The pumping rate will be fixed, increasing or decreasing the ppm of carbon dosed continuously to the preparation as a function of the incoming water flow to the ETAP.