MBV Mixer


Dynamic sludge and lime mixer.

Sodimate has developed the MBV dynamic mixer with a simple, robust and compact mechanism. Specially designed to make a homogeneous mixture of sludge with quicklime.


The two reverse and secant pitch rotors are composed of steerable blades, forming a spiral. This double rotor allows to optimize the quality of the mix as a function of the mud advance in the mixer body. In addition, the serrated profile of the blades, especially studied for this application, allows obtaining the necessary mixing time according to the characteristics of the sludge to be mixed.


The MBV is part of the complete dosing and mixing facility where Sodimate contemplates the storage, extraction and dosing of quicklime and the mixing and transport of sludge by auger conveyors without a shaft.

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Homogeneous mixture.
Pallet toothed profile minimizes equipment dirt.
Maximum optimization of the mixture.
Precise adjustment of engine speed.
Adjustable tilt of the pallets.
Dilated experience.


Construction in 304/316 stainless steel.
Receiving hopper adapted to the previous equipment.
Level control by non-stick capacitive detector.
Regulated motor by frequency inverter.
Support on demand.

Implementation Examples