Sludge Stabilization, Drying and Transport

Lime sludge treatment

One of the most efficient and flexible methods to treat dehydrated sludge is by mixing with lime. According to standard UNE-EN 12832, a sanitized sludge is a sludge that has been treated in order to destroy the parasites and pathogenic germs until reducing them to a certain level. The treatment with lime allows, in the cases that the characteristics of the sludge allow, to obtain a healthy and recyclable product in the form of fertilizer for the soil.

Lime addition effects to dehydrated sludge.

      • Chemical stabilization by raising pH, allowing longer periods of storage.
      • Reduce pathogens to 6 log units.
      • Eliminates odors, blocks fermentation.
      • Increases the final dryness of the sludge, improves its structure and facilitates handling.
      • Agricultural valorization by calcium contribution, better final sludge quality for use in soils with pH imbalance.
      • It reduces the mobility of heavy metals by precipitation as hydroxides.