Storage Hoppers


Sodimate storage and dosing hoppers are specially designed for small dosages of powdered products supplied in sacks.

With a wide range of volumes ranging from 50 L to 5000 L and different manufacturing materials such as PP, PEHD, A ° C or Stainless in their different qualities, our hoppers can have different options that allow us to adapt to the specific characteristics of each product and customer.

They can be equipped with a filter bag with suction to minimize dust during the bags emptying, levels or weighing systems for stock control, elements for the opening of the bag without coming into direct contact with the product, and in general any technical solution necessary for right bags handling.

Together ZPE500 and hopper dosing system, we can guarantee a correct dosage of different powder products.


Possibility of different volumes and materials according to product or customer needs.
Possibility to install vacuum bag filter to minimize dust during emptying.
Possibility of level control by weighing system.