DMR – Conveyor


DMR Conveyor

The Sodimate DMR series conveyor has the function of transporting a powder product between two points. The conveyor is installed at the end of a breaker (DDS400, ZCD400, ZFP500) DDMR meter and transports the product to the point of application without changing the flow rate. The conveyor has the possibility of raising a product vertically. The type of conveyor and the maximum length are determined depending on the product to be transported and the flow rate. The length of a conveyor ranges from 1 to 20 meters. For large distances or implantation needs, several conveyors can be installed in series.


The conveyor is composed of a sealed tubular assembly with an intake mouth receiving the product dosed through the DMR and a discharge mouth equipped with a clogging detector. A spiral (worm) carries the product at a fixed speed through the tube. Unlike the doser that works saturated, the conveyor is dimensioned to work with a low coefficient of filling. Less requested than the dispenser, the conveyor allows more important transport lengths. In the case of transport under a variable flow rate, the conveyor is dimensioned to ensure a maximum flow rate without any variation of the speed (except particular cases).


Compact installation thanks to T-transport with up to 90 ° inclination.

Implementation Examples